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Intimate Portraits

Take a moment to do something just for you.  


As women, we are constantly de-prioritizing ourselves for the sake of our career, families, and a whole slew of other things.  Taking a day to create stunning portraiture of you and only you is such a big act of self love.  An intimate portrait session is for women in all seasons of life.  Maybe you're getting married or celebrating a milestone birthday.  Maybe you're getting ready to start trying for a baby or want to document your body post baby.  Perhaps you're launching a new career and taking life in an entirely different direction. Or maybe you just feel fabulous (or not so fabulous) and you want to document where you are and who you are right now.  Regardless of your reason or timing, I can promise that you will always look back on these images with tenderness for who you once were and gratitude for how far you've come.

Are you ready to feel deeply in tune with yourself? Is it time to capture beautiful, artful images of you and only you?

Let's tell your story.


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An intimate portrait does not have to be in lingerie or nude!  To me, an intimate portrait means you and I are holding space together, just the two of us.  You're letting your guard down so that I can capture images that show all the different pieces of you and make you feel beautiful and powerful when you see them.  We are mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, dog moms, friends, lovers, sensual beings, bosses, advocates, and world changers.  My job is to make you feel seen and like I told the story of you in an authentic way.  Whatever you choose to wear for your session is totally fine by me.

Clothing optional

Worried that you'll feel self conscious or super nervous?  Don't be.  After about 5 minutes of shooting with me, that will all melt away and you'll actually be having fun.  I'm naturally attentive and intuitive so I'll make sure everything from your wardrobe to your heart is well cared for during the session.  I'm an expert at building confidence and keeping you out of your head so you can relax into the session and tap into the reasons you wanted these photographs in the first place.

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I'm your best 

I realize how vulnerable it feels to be on the other side of the camera for a portrait session.  No kids or partner or anyone else to fall back on.  Just you, me and the camera.  Trust me, I've got you!  I will give you SO much guidance.  I'll tell you exactly what to do with your body, face, and even your hands.  I'm a posing master!  You can trust that I will make you look hot as hell and totally like yourself.

Posing guidance 

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Photos of yourself are a stamp on history.  I was here, and I mattered.  It matters to you as you look back on your life and it matters to the people who love you.

intimate portrait sessions include the shoot and 60+ retouched images

ALEX IS LITERALLY INCREDIBLE. I’ve always considered myself a non-photogenic person and also someone who’s pretty self conscious, and Alex had me forgetting both of those things in the first 5 minutes of shooting. She will have you laughing and feeling SO good about yourself the entire time. After my shoot, all I could think about was how amazing Alex was, and I hadn’t even seen any of the photos. AND THEN I GOT THE PHOTOS AND LOVED HER EVEN MORE. I cannot recommend her enough. She’s the best!


Loved how ALEX WAS ABLE TO CAPTURE OUR FAMILY PERFECTLY! She truly knows how to document and capture people and it is expressed throughout her images! We loved everything about our experience working with her! Thank you for creating something so beautiful that we can cherish for a lifetime! We love our photos!


ALEX IS A TRUE PROFESSIONAL AND CREATIVE SPIRIT ANIMAL. The photos were candid, not staged, and she always seemed to capture the light just right. She was sweet, attentive, and took great shots of all my family. She was never pushy, laughed often, and was a GREAT photographer. I work in fashion, and I was blown away with her ability to see great shots. Two of my good friends were married this August as well and we attended each others weddings. Both girls wished they would have hired her for their weddings. SHE IS MAGIC!


ALEX IS A TRUE ARTIST by every definition of the word. Her ability to work with natural light and shadows is second to none. I had an idea of what I wanted my photographs to look like and she delivered pictures that were better than I expected! She was so professional and great to work with. I highly, highly, highly recommend her as a photographer!


I’ve had several sessions with Alex over the years, most recently she did an in-home motherhood session with me and my kids. The pictures turned out wonderful, as always! ALEX HAS A GREAT EYE FOR GETTING BEAUTIFUL PICTURES THAT DON'T FEEL STAGED/BASIC/POSED. The pictures are warm, vibrant, loving. I’m so impressed with how our in home session pictures turned out, and I WILL CHERISH THESE PHOTOS ALWAYS.


ALEX IS BEYOND AMAZING! Not only we had so much fun at our photoshoots, our photos are dream! I’ve done quite a few photoshoots in my life and she is my absolute favorite photographer! the way she connects and guides my child during the shoot, the way she captures light and gives soul to the images! SHE IS WELL WORTH IT!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ALEX! She was so creative with my bridals and engagements. Every photograph she took was perfect for Landon and I and really captured who we are as a couple. She made us feel comfortable during all of our photo sessions, which made taking photos the least stressful part of our wedding. Throughout the entire planning process she provided me with flexibility and support. Any couple would be lucky to work with her and will appreciate her organization and commitment to her clients. WE CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GREAT THINGS ABOUT HER. 


BEST PART OF OUR WEDDING! What a great experience. She made us feel so comfortable and explained things to help us relax so we looked like ourselves. Alex kept me sane by guiding me through all of my pre-wedding questions and helped me have the most perfect and smoothly running day. On the day of, she was incredible! Photographing hundreds of people is like herding cats and she took charge of all of them. Our pictures turned out so amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone getting married.


She was incredibly friendly and made both myself and my husband feel comfortable right away. She made sure to ask if there were any shots in particular we wanted and I really appreciated the way she listened to what we were wanting throughout the shoot. She also has such a great ability to pose us in ways that looked natural, but still so flattering. Her attention to detail was amazing. Best of all, she is an amazing hype girl and made us feel so confident. All of this was wonderful, but when I got the gallery I could not believe how STUNNING the photos were. EASILY MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PHOTOS OF MY HUSBAND AND MYSELF. I am so grateful we decided to book with Alex. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking to capture authentic moments with their family, partner, or even just themselves!


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